Saturday, October 5, 2013

Last weekend

Last weekend turned out to be a very interesting one. On Friday we had a work event in which we did a libdup video of the song Don't Stop Me Now by Queen. A libdup video is a video in which you lip sync to the music and then dubbing it over the original song. We were around 40 of us and we all had a short part of the song to sing and act. We were outdoors in Rotterdam acting like fools with all kinds of props. Many random people kept asking us what show we were preparing! After a few trials we did the final trial from start to end and the video was filmed. The video is very funny but it looked very professional. The evening didn't stop there and we continued with dinner and some dancing till the early hours of the morning.

With some of my colleagues

Sunday was a lovely warm sunny day and we didn't have any plans. Until my fiancee decided that we should take a trip to Antwerp and buy our wedding rings. I liked the idea, firstly for a woman it's very hard to reject an offer of buying jewelry and secondly because I knew that I would enjoy spending a few hours basking in the sun at some Belgian cafe. The day turned out to be success. The rings were ordered (eek!) and the sun kept shining all day long.

Enjoying the typical mussels in Antwerp

The week continued on a good note - my sister in-law gave birth to a lovely baby boy. We now have a little one in the Dutch side of the family which will surely change the dynamics of the family.

Autumn colours
Looking forward to see if this weekend has the same amount of nice and fun activities, but I doubt I will be getting any more jewelry or additional family members!!

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