Friday, November 29, 2013

Bye bye fat

Last spring I decided that it was time for me to get a grip with myself and lose the extra weight I gained in the last years. I had been sporting regularly for the past year however this alone was not helping much. I therefore decided to go to a nutritionist and go on a diet.

A few months of hard work later and I am back to a much healthier weight. I'm so happy to be able to fit in my old clothes and finally look in the mirror and not feel depressed. I know that looks are not everything but I felt less me before.

In these past months I got to learn how to eat healthier by reducing my portion sizes and snacking on healthier snacks. This is something I still do even now that I am off the diet. The idea is that my eating lifestyle has changed so I should be able to maintain a stable weight.

I never expected that I will manage to loose more than 10 kilosand would have been grateful if I managed to go down half of that. At around the 7 kilo mark people started to notice the difference. It felt strange that people came to congratulate me the weight loss. I felt shy but loved the positive vibe I felt. Unluckily this meant that I started relaxing my diet thinking I had done enough, thus delaying the time to reach my target weight. I somehow did manage to get back on track and not only did I reach my target weight but even went a bit below that.

People ask me if I feel better or more energetic now that I dropped nearly 2 dress sizes. Initially I thought that the weight loss didn't seem to affect my energy however I noticed that in the past months I am bouncing and running around all the time. I even managed to climb over my first serious overhang at the climbing wall yesterday after nearly a year of climbing inactivity. So yes I have more energy now.

If you have been thinking that you should lose some weight and feel that it will be hard to reach your target, try and be positive. It will be hard but once you fall in a healthier routine anything is achievable.

Some numbers:

  • My fat percentage went down by 10%
  • My BMI went down from 26.6 to 21.8

The only downside for all this is that my wardrobe is now very empty and I have quite a lot of new clothes that don't fit anymore!

[The nutritionist I went to was Karin de Zoete]
[Image Source: L carnitine]

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