Friday, May 21, 2010


There are 2 types of people in the world: those who don’t remember their dreams (or don’t dream at all) and those who can recall some of their dreams. I fall in the latter category and am always amused at the intricate dreams I have. Some are quite real life like while others could possibly become an interesting manga cartoon.

Usually in the morning when the dreams are still fresh I make sure to tell them to my boyfriend. Before I’m done I’m regret doing it since mostly I just sound like a lunatic. I do tend to have too many murders of friends, maybe I watch to much CSI! Sometimes I try to analyse what I dreamt about but mostly I seem to be affected to what happens on the day before.

A couple of recurring dreams I have is seeing myself driving in a wall but then in the end I manage to slow down enough not to hit the wall. Anyone knows what this means? There are other recurring dreams in which I can kind of hover around 1 meter above the ground so I’m essentially flying around. This usually suggests that one is on top of a situation, so luckily it seems that there is something positive in all my dreams!

It seems that people might remember their dreams when they are awakened from deep sleep, in fact I only remember what I had just dreamt before my alarm went off.
Do you remember your dreams?

Here’s an interesting article about dreaming Dreams taken from the Skeptic’s dictionary

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