Tuesday, June 29, 2010


There appears to be a major difference between men and women on how they carry out multiple tasks. No offense to all the men out there but we women believe that they can multi-task better than men.

Is it a myth that women can mult-task while men cannot? Women seem to be able to attend to more than one task at a time, whereas most men would feel totally overwhelmed in doing so. To accomplish a task men have to be completely focused, most probably this stems from the fact that they are programmed as hunters.

Why do I know that I can multi-task? Let's take yesterday as an example. I missed a phone call in the evening because I didn't hear it. What was I doing at the time?

"Once the game* finished and my nail polish had dried, I put a wash in the washing machine, started the tumble dryer, diced the veggies for dinner, washed and dried the plates and started cooking"

All this was done in a space of half an hour or so.

Even though we think multi-tasking is better than doing a single task at a time it doesn't mean that this is indeed the case. Most probably we are not giving the complete attention to an activity, not giving the required time to finish the little details, leaving such activities unfinished before we start working on something else. This actually makes me understand why I love starting carrying out tasks but they are never finished!

I'm sure there are some men out there who can multi-task as well as women, it seems that I still haven't met one of them. If you are a guy and think you can multi-task please leave a comment and give me your opinion about it.

* The football match I was seeing was between The Netherlands and Slovakia which was won 2-1 by the oranjes, forwarding the Dutch to the quarter finals of the World Cup 2010 tournament.

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