Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tropical Weather

Hearing the radio in the mornings it sounds like I live in the Caribbean instead of the Netherlands. The weather report has been reporting tropical weather for the past ten days. In the Netherlands once the mercury goes above 25°C, the weather is considered tropical. This past week we've had great weather, so we made sure to use these tropical days wisely: by spending our weekend at the beach.

Kijkduin is just a ten minute bike ride away from home. Just after breakfast we geared up in swim wear and off we went to get our tan - safe tan, with protection cream added every couple of hours. You see, I need to tan up before leaving to my vacation Malta. Otherwise all my Maltese friends and family will think I'm sick. In many past visits I noticed that I can get so white that it doesn't look healthy anymore. And there I was thinking that as a Mediterranean girl I should have a natural tan.

Tips for going to the beach in the Netherlands:
  • Bike or use trains to go the beach. The roads will be really busy on tropical weather days, you'll wish you never went to the beach after a long time in the queue
  • If you want a sunbed make sure you head to the beach early. Or if you have in-laws make sure they go to the beach early so that they reserve extra sunbeds for you. Thanks W & A!
  • Just because it's really warm, don't assume that the sea will be as well. The North Sea is still very cold. I only managed quick dips to cool myself.
  • Stay to the beach till late, the sunsets are just beautiful. All the west-coast of the Netherlands is a long strand of beach which directly faces the setting sun.
  • Many beach bars have parties on weekend evenings. Going to the bars early in the afternoon will give you free entrance to the parties in the evening.
  • Some beach restaurants offer bbq service. You just book for a number of people and you'll get a started bbq and all the food required for the bbq. All you need to do is order your drinks and cook the meat!

 [Image Credits: Disney Clipart ]

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