Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spur of the moment gifts

Throughout the year I get quite a number of gifts for friends and family on occasions such as birthday, Christmas and a lot of others days deemed worth it of a gift. I like planning what to get, taking into account the character of the recipient and needs of that person. Usually it takes me weeks thinking and scouring shops to think of the perfect gift. What gift can bring a smile to the recipient? Many times the best bet is to give them something personal that you know they will like, sometimes this could also be a cheaper option.

However on random occasions it’s nice to just get something for someone for no reason at all; a surprise of sorts. I know I like receiving random unexpected gifts! That suggests that the same action should be appreciated as well!

Yesterday before going home I was checking some shops and on the spur of the moment I got a little present for my boyfriend; just because I felt like it. It was nice seeing him noticing that there’s was a gift for him waiting to be opened. I think I was even more excited than him to see him open it up!

[Image Credits: Essere Organics]

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