Friday, June 18, 2010

Royal Beach Concert

When you live in Amsterdam, all your activities happen in Amsterdam. It’s only on rare occasions that you leave the city. Since I moved to The Hague I started noticing that there are quite a number of things/activities happening in other parts of the country. Such was the case a couple of weeks ago when we headed to the Scheveningen beach for the Royal Beach Concert. The concert had several local Haags (Dutch) bands and singers but the main attraction for the day was Jon Bon Jovi and his band.

I knew about Bon Jovi since I was a young kid and never really expected to get to see him performing live, so once I discovered he was performing so close to home we decided to go and see him.  He played for 2 hours and you could hear all the ladies hear throb when he was singing songs like Bed of Roses , Always and Bad Medicine. I remember dancing at Gianpula in Malta to their It’s My Life song on warm summer nights.  Jon Bon Jovi definitely keeps his nearly 50 years well; it was quite an eye candy seeing him dance around the stage in his tight leather trousers.

In the morning before heading to the beach we maturely thought that we will need sun protection cream. Luckily we did get some since it was very warm. Random people weren’t as thoughtful as us and were asking us if we could give them some lotion since they were getting burned. We were happy to help but I’m sure some of them were still in pain in the evening, seeing that they were a lobster colour of red already.

The lead singer of Kane can be seen in the below photo.

Many boats heard the concert for free!

This was definitely a lovely and different day at the beach.

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