Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vacationing with the in-laws

Summer in Holland was here last Saturday but it seems it was lost in transit. It has left us all once again and might or might not make an appearance again. I learnt long ago that if I want a natural tan I have to make plans that take me out of here. Coming from a Mediterranean island makes this easy. I can get my tan just by visiting my parents. I cannot even call a trip to Malta a holiday; it’s a child duty to her parents!

So in a month I will be doing my duty and going for a fortnight in Malta. Only this time there is a difference. My in-laws will be joining my boyfriend and me. The timeless question is will the in-laws and my parents hit it off? Or will it be like a scene just come out from the film Meet the Fockers where all hell breaks lose when the in-laws meet the parents for the first time?

There’s going to be a culture difference, an age difference and also a language difference. However I’m sure they will get along well. And if they don’t I’m sure they will pretend to get along well. In the end they will only be together for 10 days.


  1. oooh exciting!! good luck with the big meet!! :)

  2. oh that's nice.

    wish you well.

    will look forward for the outcome:)



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