Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010

The world cup is starting today and for the next month we'll all be hearing about and watching football matches everywhere. We'll be hearing about it even if some of us don't care who's playing who or who got a red card or not. I myself rarely watch football games and am kind of forced to not touch the TV remote every Sunday when there's the football recaps for the week.

But during the world cup, I participate in pools and am also eager to watch games! Maybe I have different reasons than other people to be so eager.  My eagerness comes from the fact that in every match there will surely be a couple of sexy players to watch. And obviously the games are usually of quite high level, with much more action.

As for who to support. I cannot support my country since Malta never qualifies the World Cup. Thus I'm kind of free to support any country and change my supporting country once the team is kicked out! I will support The Netherlands since I love watching games in a bar and feel the vibe when the home team scores! But I will have another team that I will be supporting, a favourite team, which to say the truth can still be anyone at this point!

As for the Dutch they're very loyal to their team and many of them decorate the streets with orange banners everywhere in support for the team. Orange is the colour of the team uniform.

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