Monday, September 20, 2010


This last week I have been in recovery mode. I had the surgery a few days ago. After 10 injections in my tonsils (yes TEN painful injections), a session of laser, a day smelling of smoked meat and lots of ice cream later I am on the way to be completely mended.

I can now eat grown up food again, unluckily not completely enjoying it yet and from tomorrow I'm back to work.

While at home I did upload all the shoes I wanted to get rid of which you can find here. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in a pair of shoes but don't understand Dutch!

[Image Credits: Univ. Alberta]


  1. haha ... smelling of smoked meat - that made me smile :D ..

  2. just had a look at your shoes up for sale .... oooo so bothered I'm only a size 36 :( -- I love those spotty ballerina flats. And there's that pair of blue and brown heels that looks so girly too. And what about all those boots??? how can you own so many pairs of boots? :D

  3. @Ruth burning (human) meat smells really bad! Those boots are the ones I don't use anymore. I have at least 7 more left which I still wear :)



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