Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 in numbers

The year is nearly at an end and at this point one usually looks back at the year to all that was achieved.

Here's my year in numbers
31,000 kilometres driven
1500 times checking Facebook
214 days of work
24 Skype calls
10 planes rides
8 boat rides
6 countries visited
6 weekend breaks
6 concerts attended
5 new births in my family (2009/2010 were very fertile years)
3 new pairs of shoes bought (and then everyone says women buy too much shoes!)
2 tonsils lasered out
1 scuba dive in the Caribbean sea
1 hippie crashed in our rented car
1 house bought
0 additional white hairs

Some numbers are an approximation!


  1. how exactly did you get that 1500 Facebook number?!!!? lol

  2. I calculated that I check it around 5 times a day on around 300 days a year, give or take :)



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