Friday, March 18, 2011

Maltesers (not the chocolate) High Tea

When you move abroad, especially from a small island such as Malta you don't bump into lots of other Maltese people. So when you hear someone speaking Maltese on the road, you start scanning who are the other Maltese people. Most of the time you end up stopping them and just chatting them up. It sounds crazy but it really happens. That's how I met some of my friends I have in the Netherlands.

I did find quite a large Maltese community and throughout the years we had a number of fenkati (a traditional dinner with cooked rabbits). This weekend I got to meet many other new Maltese faces at a high tea. It was lovely chatting in my native language while eating delicious cup cakes.

Looking forward for another such event!

1 comment:

  1. oh wow those look amazing. !!! Yeah in Canada I used to do the same thing when I hear someone talking Maltese I used to staRe at them so much that we would strike up conversation hehe. Hey I mean it's a good way to make friends as you said :-)



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