Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 things that make me feel good

There's some activities, food, sounds or smells that always make you feel good? These are five things that make me feel good.

  1. I love painting my nails. It makes me feel more feminine, which sometimes is needed seeing that I work in a predominantly male environment. Whenever I apply nail polish I notice that I take more care of my hands and somehow my nails chip less often.

    This summer I am really into the Fuchsia Flame from Estée Lauder and Rose Confidentiel from Chanel.

  2. Going for a shopping spree where all the clothes I try on make me look good. That will always make my day!

  3. A big plate of pasta. I'm a big fan of pasta and usually eating it just makes me feel so satisfied. I like all types of sauces and all different shapes of pasta. I even like it raw for god's sakes! I will eat it any time but unluckily lately I'm trying to stay low on carbs and pasta dishes are less common in our house. This means that I am usually looking forward for the evening when we're going to eat pasta!

  4. Spending time with my boyfriend. There's something about him that just makes me smile and feel good.

  5. Getting a haircut always makes me feel lighter and more positive. Although I am usually scared the morning after when the newly cut hair tends to get a life of it's own!

What about you? What makes you feel good?


  1. Nail polish is one of my happy things too :) I used to bite my nails a lot but find that I rarely do when I have polish on. It's my weekly ritual at work to do them when my boss isn't around - easier to let them dry at work since all I am doing is typing :D

  2. I don't bite my nails but keep picking on them when I don't have nail polish

  3. I was wondering the exact same thing what would make me feel better? I worry about alot of things and are sad most of the time.
    So painting my nails could possibly work:)Any other suggetions?

  4. @Anonymous You should try to be positive in life, because being positive brings along more positive situations. What makes me feel better? Eating ice-cream directly from the tub, taking a bubble bath, watching the sun set. So many simple things sin life can make you feel better



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