Monday, July 25, 2011

BBQing in the rain!

Again this weekend I was reminded that in Holland you cannot plan a BBQ in advance. Yet we did so; we invited friends and family over for my boyfriend's and his brother's birthdays. We had been checking the weather forecasts for a week, worrying well in advance that there was not even a hint of sun forecast for last weekend.

We were positive about it and decided to put a cover up in the garden to hold away any rain. Saturday morning we tried to put this cover up but it was impossible to hold still. The wind was just pulling on the material as if it was a boat's sail. After a few trials we gave up and just covered the BBQ area. By this time the grey skies had started pouring down with buckets of water. The boys were completely soaked. I was at the time watching securely from the dry inside. It was decided that the birthday boys were going to do the cooking outside, while everyone enjoys the party from the inside.

The BBQ was in the end a great success. The masses were fed and everyone seemed happy. It's sad that every weekend seems to bring along bad weather, however this will not stop us from enjoying our summer!

[Image Source: Toon Pool]

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