Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just the two of us

This year is the first year in my life in which I won't be spending Christmas in large numbers. This year I will be spending Christmas just with my boyfriend. This doesn't mean it won't be special. It will definetely be different but being happy isn't related to how many people you have around it but rather who you have around you. We have already come up with a big Christmas dinner which I believe will be enough to feed more than just the two of us.

This is the mouth watering menu:
An appetiser of goat cheese filled Portobello mushrooms
Followed by a courgette soup with gorgonzola
A main with honey glazed ham loin
And a chocolate fondant cake with cream and ice-cream

I'm looking forward to preparing this meal together on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas to everybody!

[Image Credits: Jessica Oleksa @ Pinterest]

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