Friday, December 23, 2011

Opening the gifts

When I was young I loved the period around Christmas. Our home was always full of decorations and my mum was always preparing nice desserts. The streets were all lighted up, creating a unique atmosphere and obviously all the presents one gets as a child makes the experience just better.

Growing old you kind of discover that Santa doesn't exist and the magical experience diminishes. As a young adult Christmas was quite stressful, having to buy gifts for friends and family from a tiny student salary, having to attend the best party on the island and also spending hours to find the best outfit for the event. Let's just say that the magic was not there anymore.

Our tree with some of the gifts
Lately though I feel that I'm re-living the magic I once experienced as a kid. Three years ago we started visiting the Christmas markets in Germany. There I usually get my first taste of Christmas of the year. Literal taste in the form of mulled wine coming out of ceramic boots. How cute is that! Once Sinterklaas is over we get our real live tree, because God forbid I try getting the tree before Sinterklaas is over. Living in Malta one never gets real tree for Christmas, everyone has the plastic version of the trees. For me choosing a live tree (dead by the time we take it!) is so much fun!

What is exciting nowadays is the gift planning. I feel excited scouring the web and shops for the perfect gifts. But the best part of it all is that on Christmas eve we have a gift giving party. This is exactly what we had as kids but now we're all adults!! The evening is just perfect, I feel like my 5 year old self again.

So it seems that one can still enjoy Christmas once you discover that Santa doesn't exist.

What about you, how do you celebrate yor Christmas eve? Do you wait until Christmas day to open the gifts?


  1. We've got some friends who buy a real tree every year here in Gozo but ours is as plasticy as they get. We open one gift on the eve and the rest in the morning. I feel like mulled wine after reading your post!

  2. I never heard of people from Malta/Gozo who actually did that. We always opened the gifts on Christmas eve, but when young we did wait until the clock strikes 12, so really it was already Christmas day!



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