Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's time

It's time. It's time to start reading travel guides before going to bed instead of my beloved fiction stories. In 2 months we're off for a long trip to Thailand. Going out of Europe is always such a different experience. Everything is so different from what we're used: the culture, the food, the people, the architecture. So now it's time to read a lot about the place so once I'm there I can just relax.
Anybody who visited Thailand in the past years and has any tips, pleas drop a comment!!

[Image Credits: Erin Long @ Pinterest]


  1. Ooh where are you planning on going in Thailand? I'm planning a trip there too :)

  2. We're going for 3 weeks, starting with 1 day at Bangkok. The plan is then to go North and then go ssouth in a clockwise/anti-clockwise loop. The first 2 weeks will be travelling from one place to another every 1-2 days and then the last week we will find some (possibly all-inclusive) restort at some nice beach place/island in the south.

    We then will end up again in Bangkok where we plan to do a Thai cooking course and possibly my boyfriend will pick up a tailer made suit that we would have took measurements for on our first day.

    As to which towns we're actually visiting, I don't know yet. I will read and see what's nice so we will have a basic plan but usually we decide there and then - so we don't really book anywhere to sleep except the first and last days.



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